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Loren Johansen
Artist | Student | Varied
I draw stuff! Mostly sketches, sometimes I'll do some stuff with sprites. Also occasionally I colour my stuff in, but it never looks very good...


Character Reference: Frontier Brain Loren by Shoke113
Character Reference: Frontier Brain Loren
You know, I occasionally say I need to draw more. This is in fact not true. Whenever I say that, I mean to say I need to finish more drawings. That and actually upload them. That'd probably actually help.
Anyways, I don't remember when I drew this, but this is basically my self-insert Pokemon Trainer. He's a Frontier Brain in my dream Pokemon Region based off of southern Alberta. And, fun fact, I named said region the "Lorne" because there's an actual important historical person related to south Alberta who was named Lorne.
I'm not going to explain my dream region any more unless someone actually comments about it so you don't have to worry if you just want the reference.
The whole LJ thing is a reference to his title, "Lightning Jockey".

Name: Loren Gladiolus

Birthplace: Somewhere in the Lorne region.

Age: 22 Years

Trainer Class: Mystery Trainer, Cool Trainer, Rival, Frontier Brain

Siblings: Peter Gladiolus, Anna Gladiolus, Jenna Gladiolus

Mother: Amber Gladiolus

Father: David Gladiolus

Pokemon Team: Jolteon (Male), Tyranitar (Male), Gallade (Male), Staraptor (Female), Zangoose (Female), Flygon (Female)

Battle Theme: Waterfall Colosseum from Pokemon Battle Revolution…

Loren was born and raised and even named after the region of his birth, the Lorne region. Throughout his life, he always wanted to become a high end Pokemon Trainer and, when he went on his first Pokemon Journey at the age of 14 (the average age for trainers to start in this region) he ended up tearing through the league and even becoming champion for a short while. However, he didn't really like the press it attracted to him, so he went off to help form the Lorne Battle Frontier, filled with six facilities, the Battle Tower, the Battle Factory, the Battle Castle, the Battle Stage, the Battle Roulette, and finally the Battle Tournament. Taking control of the Battle Tournament he has become infamous for leaving his post and going out and harassing/helping young trainers by becoming a rival figure in their journeys.
Tekking's Bankai by Shoke113
Tekking's Bankai
Another Tekking101 fanart? What's this world coming to?
In all seriousness, this is what I imagined Tekking's ban-*Pause*-kai to look like. His suit would be white with black flames (as it is in the intro) however, the vest is black with white flames and he has a white Tie. Not only that, but black Pants with white flame, black shoes with white flames, and his face would have black flames "tattooed" on. Not only all that, but his sword would become a much larger twin-edged sword that can become two different swords, one being the twin-edged one and the other being the one on the middle which would take the form of a white katana with a black edge. Yes, the sword is a sheath for another sword. Because fuck you it's cool. Oh and also his body emits a black flame that, while not hot, burns opponents by them just being close, similar to how if you look directly at a Solar Eclipse it causes damage to your eyes. 
...Well I like it.
Tekking belongs to Tekking101/Matthew Crawford -…
Matt vs. Loren by Shoke113
Matt vs. Loren
Jesse Chris... part of me feels like this picture would have turned out better if I didn't colour it at all before scanning it.
Oh well. This is just a picture of how the man-who-deserves more views, Tekking101 (Aka Matthew Crawford) would do in a fight against me. Maybe I'll write a fanfic later relating to how things would get here, however, I do want to say that this is what would happen if Tekking (Fictional Character) fought against me (Real Person). This isn't my internet persona fighting him. If it was, well, let's just say that this would be a much closer fight.
That is, whenever I settle on an internet persona. I swear, I go through more backstories than Trojia/Wonder Girl from the Titans...
Anyways, um, yeah. Enjoy the rushed fanart.

Loren Johansen belongs to me. Loren Johansen. I mean it would be kinda weird if I belonged to anyone other than myself...
Tekking belongs to Matthew Crawford aka Tekking101 -…
Hannial Barca AKA Scipio by Shoke113
Hannial Barca AKA Scipio
Just a picture of one of my characters' transmog.
Head: Opportunist's Leather Helm (Hidden)
Shoulders: Opportunist's Leather Spaulders
Back: Blood Knight War Cloak (Hidden)
Chest: Opportunist's Leather Tunic
Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt
Tabard: None
Wrists: Crystalhide Bracers
Hands: Opportunist's Leather Gloves
Waist: Bloodfang Belt
Legs: Opportunist's Leather Legguards
Feet: Boots of the Shifting Sands
R. Hand: Eternally Folded Blade (Mark of the Shattered Hand)
L. Hand: Eternally Folded Blade (Mark of the Shattered Hand)
Rules are: Tag 8 ppl you want to know better!

Name: My name is Loren Michael Ray Johansen, AKA Shoke113/HellfireLynx22/VolatileLynx. My Dad is UncouthSavage! *Dies mysteriously three days later*

Star Sign: I am a Gemini by one day. May 22nd birth. :3

Average hours of sleep: I try to get 7-8, but my body wants 9-12.

Lucky number: 22. Or just 2.

Last thing I Googled: The definition of the word "Praetorian".

Favourite Fiction Character: I don't really have one. Honestly my favourite fictional characters are my own. XD

What are you wearing right now: A Yellow Manaus T-shirt, some Black Pants, oh and some socks. That and my glasses.

When did you start this blog: HOLY SHIT I'VE BEEN ON DEVIANTART FOR SIX YEARS?

Amount of followers: 28 followers. That's 28 more than I deserve, so YAY!

What do I post?: Whatever I damn well please!

Do I run other blogs? Not really, no. I do have a Tumblr, but I only use it to look at Pokemon stuff.

Do I get a lot of comments?: Nope. *Cries in the corner*

Why did I choose this URL?: Because that was my name when I made this account. 

  • Listening to: Lanipator
  • Reading: DeviantArt...?
  • Watching: Lanipator
  • Eating: Homemade Salad
  • Drinking: Water

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