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Loren Johansen
Artist | Student | Varied
I draw stuff! Mostly sketches, sometimes I'll do some stuff with sprites. Also occasionally I colour my stuff in, but it never looks very good...


A Tale of Broken Swords Concept Art: Belail
Full Name: Belail
Titles: N/A
Age: 2 Years (As of Drawing)
Family: Samael, All Asmondeus, All Sidonai
Rivals: Shoke
Magic Types: Fire, Omega
Weapons: Inferno Blades
Currently Allied With: N/A
Rank(s): N/A
Backstory: Belail is not a Human, not an Angel, not even a Demon. Belail is an Ashen, a being created as a sort of servant. However, normally Ashen have no free will and only do what they are created to do. Technically, Belail is only doing what he was created to do, but what he was created to do was be the ultimate obstacle to Shoke Glaytor. This ended with him mutating so that he has a free will of his own. The form he retains is him using his Omega magic to create a sort of "hologram" that prevents people from treating him like a lesser being. His current goal is to defeat Shoke, as he has always been programmed to do. However, once he finishes that mission, his plan is to go onto fighting for the rights of his fellow Ashen, and has even discovered more "Shin Ashen" like him.
A Tale of Broken Swords Concept Art: Krieg Glaytor
More concept art of main characters in my new setting! :D
Full Name: Krieg Peter Glaytor
Titles: The Moon Slayer
Age: 17 Years (As of Beginning of Story), 19 Years (As of Drawing) 
Family: Scurrilous David Glaytor (Father), Dana Amber Solcrest (Mother), Shoke Kirk Loren Glaytor (Brother), Seras Annabeth Glaytor (Sister), Karen Jennifer Glaytor (Sister), Alastor Sunbreaker (Half-Brother)
Rivals: Shoke, Alastor, Renault
Magic Types: Blackfire (Fire, Omega, Alpha)
Weapons: Galahad, Yamato
Currently Allied With: Solcrest Militia
Rank(s): Lieutenant Colonel (Solcrest)
Backstory: Born 5 years after his brother Shoke, people at first believed Krieg would turn out to be the inferior brother. However, he proved that he wielded immense talent in Combat Magic, Swordsmanship, and Strategy. So, due to his talent, he ended up being in the same rank of training as his older brother. The two trained together a lot, but it was always hard to tell who was the superior swordsman. However, when Shoke turned 15, his latent powers as the Prodigious child surfaced, giving him almost limitless control over a magic referred to as "Solid Light", which made him far superior to Krieg. Not only this, but people stopped paying attention to Krieg, acting as if his talent was worthless. 7 years passed, and Krieg's jealousy overflowed, finally causing him to steal the sword Galahad that held within it the Demon Alastor. He allowed Alastor within his body, as a sort of "roommate" system and ran off with his new ally. Soon however, Krieg would become good friends with Alastor, and prove his great skill by always keeping up with his brother.
A Tale of Broken Swords Concept Art: Shoke Glaytor
Have some concept art of one of the main characters in that setting I've been throwing everywhere!
Full Name: Shoke Kirk Loren Glaytor
Titles: The Chosen, The Prodigy, The One of Prophecy, The Radiant Edge, The Overrated One
Age: 22 Years (As of Beginning of Story), 24 Years (As of Drawing)
Family: Scurrilous David Glaytor (Father), Dana Amber Solcrest (Mother), Krieg Peter Glaytor (Brother), Seras Annabeth Glaytor (Sister), Karen Jennifer Glaytor (Sister), Alastor Sunbreaker (Half-Brother)
Rivals: Zerondal (Zero), Belail, Alastor, Krieg
Magic Types: Solid Light (Light, Plasma, Omega, Alpha, Purity)
Weapons: Broadsword, Charlemane (Bastard Sword), Various Solid Light Constructs
Currently Allied With: Glaytor Clan, Ultima Royal Family, Ashen Hunters
Rank(s): 0th Rank DESCENT Type (Glaytor), Ally (Ultima), Mercenary Captain Sigma Class (Ashen Hunters)
Backstory: Shoke was born as a member of the Glaytor clan, and was put in combat training immediately with his younger brother Krieg the instant they could be trained. Shoke was never really good at combat, unlike his brother who was immensely skilled and gained much praise. Krieg, being a good brother, tried to help Shoke become a better warrior. However, when Shoke turned 15 years old, he was revealed as the next in an ancient prophecy that every 100 years a Glaytor would be given all the skills of the previous "Prodigies". This made Shoke far superior to Krieg, and ended up taking all of the praise away from Krieg. Seven years later, Krieg, out of jealousy of his brother, who he thought he was being a good person to and was just thrown to the side despite his skill, stole the ancient blade Galahad, willing freed the demon Alastor and ran off to try and get Alastor his own body. Shoke, believing that Alastor had stolen his brother from him, chased after them. And so, the story begins. 
Alright so, Alastor's backstory (that I've written) is that he is a demon who was defeated by a Nephilim who passed their power down a human clan, that being the Glaytor clan. However, there is more to his backstory then just that, obviously though.
See, all Demons, before becoming Demons, where once Angels. Demon, in the language of the Humans of this world, means "Fallen Angel". Again, obvs.
Well, in terms of the Angels, very little is known about them, unlike the Demons who, well, like fucking with Humans since the Angels consider them "the ones descended from the Angels" even though they aren't actually, as the closest thing to that would be a Nephilim.
Angel/Demon + Human = Nephilim.
Humans just sorta showed up
I mean I do have a backstory for Humans, but first, Alastor.
See, Demons earn that title by committing crimes, pretty obvious. They are thrown down to Hell, and after they have served their time, they gain the ability to travel to earth. Though they keep their title as a Demon. Now because of this you may think that Nephilim are super common. Well, no, since Demons are hella racist towards Humans since Demons, while in hell, learned of the Human's true history. See, Hell is the opposite of Heaven, and just like Heaven, Hell spawned it's own creatures known as the Omegus. These beings were considered super evil and all that jazz by the Angels until after the earth was made and they mysteriously disappeared. Hint hint nudge nudge
Alright so now that you know all that...
Alastor's crime was basically that he was a pickpocket. That's the equivelent I present. So he was sent to hell for a little while and his sibling, a female Angel named Roma, was the first to discover the Humans. Alastor spent his time, then once he was free, he went to Earth, where he knew his sister was. Once he got to Earth, (please note, he learned of the Humans' origin at this point) he went to his sister and found her not just hanging out with them, but having married one and had a child. Now Alastor got really pissed about this whole thing and well, killed his sister in cold blood. The Nephilim ran off with his father and disappeared as Alastor pulled the whole "Gr I will find you, you abomination" ect ect.
Eventually, The Nephilim child had his own family and started a clan of Human's he called "Glaytor". He named his oldest son Angeal, after his mother. After raising his family and having two more children, Alastor finally arrived. Now at this point the Glaytor clan was connected with weapon forging and enchanting, well, Alastor battled against the Nephilim and Angeal, and well, Nephilim sacrificed himself to seal Alastor within his sword so that he could never hurt any of his family.
So yeah
That's Alastor's backstory
Also, the enchantment that the sword the Nephilim sealed Alastor in was that it could shift into whatever sword the person using it would be the best with.
So, when the Nephilim used it, it was a Broadsword. When Krieg uses it, it's a Katana.
Also, the only reason that Alastor fused with Krieg (a human, or more accurately, an omegus that changed their bodies so the angels would stop hating them) was because he was REALLY bored with doing nothing for like, 1000 years.
And well, Alastor and Krieg both go from two people sharing a body to really really really good friends.
Within all Humans is a fragment of what they were prior to their appearence on the Earth, a fragment of their lost being, a fragment... of the Omegus. Due to this fragment, all Humans hold within them a bit of Arcane, a bit of Magic. Now, Magic is one of three forms of matter within this world, that being "Matter", "Arcane", and finally "Void". Magic is key in the manipulation of the other two forms of matter, Void is that which doesn't exist, and Matter is that which does exist. Anything that holds magic within it, so any Human, Angel, Demon, Nephilim or ect, can use magic. It takes a lot of training, but if one masters one of the many kinds of magic, they do not get "less skilled" with lack of use. One can only improve.
There are seven variants of pure magic, which can be combined and controlled in many, MANY ways. Now the obvious ones are, well, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Obviously.
However, the ones that are less obvious are the last three.
Alpha, Omega, and Purity.
Alpha can also be known as "To control that which exists", Omega can be known as "To control that which is an idea", and finally there is Purity. Now Purity, that's a neat one, as Purity is only held by one being, and that being is one that even the Angels don't know of.
The creator.
Purity is also known as "the power to create".
Now they can be combined to create many many unique magical spells.
For example,
Fire and Air can create "Ash" or "Smoke".
Air and Water can create "Mist" or "Bubble".
Water and Earth can create "Mud" and "Plant".
Earth and Fire can create "Magma" or "Blaze".
There's many more, but I feel that explains it pretty well.
If you want you can go ahead and try come up with some stuff and I can give you what would be the combinations~
Just gonna explain how "Light" works as it's a bit more complex than normally.
Now Light is a combination of all four base elements and Omega. This is why Light refers to both Light and Darkness as one cannot exist without the other. This is also why there aren't Paladins or Priests in this world. Well, the magic ones. The Paladins and Priests in this world are more like the ones we have in reality.
As for healing, it's a combination of Alpha and Omega magic and is, well, healing magic.
Alright so, the closest that anyone has come to using Purity magic other than the unknown creator is with the Nephilim, who, when he killed himself to seal away Alastor, somehow created Purity magic and sent it shimmering throughout his bloodline. Every 100 years, a random descendent of the Nephilim will obtain a small bit of Purity magic alongside all of the skills of the previous ones to wield it.
Shoke is the 10th descendent to wield it, which is referred to as "Solid Light".
That's... pretty much it.
That's magic.
I mean, I guess I could get into enchantment...
Alright so, as mentioned before, the Glaytor Clan is one of the greatest groups of Enchanters and Blacksmiths in the world.
Now, The clan is seperated into three parts.
The Enchanters, who well, enchant.
The Blacksmiths, who forge things.
And the Guardians, who protect the Tomb of Alastor.
Enchantment is a combination of Omega magic, Alpha magic, and other ones to assist in the enchanting. Let's just use swords as an example.
Lets take a basic Broadsword, and if an Enchanter fuses the weapon with the basic enchantments the blade shall never break or dull, which basically comes with every enchanted sword. However, say you wanted to make the sword light with blue flame whenever you drew it from its sheath. Well, first you'd need to combine Omega and Fire magic within it to make the blade light ablaze whenever it makes contact with the air (Flames that don't harm the wielder, obvs) and to change the colour, they use Alpha magic to enchant the sheath so it makes the flame a lovely azure.
Tada! A sword that burns blue when drawn!
Okay, that's enchantment, what's next...
Well, Krieg's Black Fire is just Omega and Alpha magic changing the flames to black and causing them to form burns that never heal.
Now, there are ten swords that are known pretty much worldwide for their craftsmenship and enchantments.
Galahad, the blade that held Alastor within it. A sword that changes to fit the wielder's fighting style. (Glaytor Made)
Sword of Angeal, a Rapier left behind by an angel that can reflect any magic.
Yamato, a Katana that increases the speed of it's wielder by 500%. (Murasame Made)
Durendal, a Broadsword that absorbs physical impacts and can release the energy in a super powerful blast.
Ebony, a Cutlass that can cut through anything.
Ivory, a Cultass that can grant it's wielder temporary flight.
Charlemane, a Bastard Sword that increases the wielder's strength by 500%. (Murasame Made)
Excalibur, a Longsword that grants it's wielder all the powers of an angel. (Flight, unlimited control over Alpha magic, increased speed and strength.)
Tyr's Hand, a Broadsword that grants the wielder complete control over lightning.
Black Omega, a Saber with a black blade that steals the souls of those it slays.
I'll talk about the world next.
The world is, well, obviously, called Earth. It is the home to many many Humans, who are loved greatly by the Angels and hated greatly by the Demons. You should already know why by now. The planet is seperated into four continents. North Aristar, South Aristar, Komara, and Vryl. The story with Shoke and Krieg mostly takes place on Vryl, a Northwestern continent. Vryl is home to many clans, but the three that must be paid attention to the most are
...The Glaytors, The Rhonins, The Sheros, and finally The Solcrest. All great respected clans and all very dangerous to cross.
Wanna hear the quick version of the first act of the main story I'm gonna tell with this setting?
So first, Krieg runs off with Alastor and Shoke chases after them. Alastor and Krieg, after running off together, both share the same body and end up sharing their memories. Alastor basically learns of Krieg's sorrow and deep hatred for his family and starts trying to tell him what hating your family will lead to, nothing but eternal sorrow and regret. On the other hand, Krieg knows of Alastor's past and basically lets him control his body as a sort of apology for what his clan did to him. The two slowly start to find similarities between them and slowly become friends.
Oh, and they learn Shoke is chasing them so they create the Ashen (Or Ash Demons) to slow Shoke down. Belial as the strongest and one to battle Shoke directly, Samael to lead the lesser Ashen, the Asmondeus to slow him down physically and the Sidonai to distract him. They are basically soulless beings forged from fire, air, earth, alpha, and omega magic.
So Shoke begins fighting them, basically immediately recognizing them as Alastor's way to slow him down. Eventually after defeating Ashen ambushes many times, he runs into Zerondal, a visitor from another realm. They duel, as Shoke is still not exactly in a trusting mood, and the duel is ended in a draw as more Ashen ambush the two of them, and they work together to defeat them. Zero, as Shoke calls him now, joins Shoke in his adventure as that is what he seeks. Adventure. They continue along for many days, battling Ashen many a time, meeting with other people and clans, and eventually running into Alastor/Krieg at a mysterious temple built by the Angels. A temple that held an item that could give Alastor a body of his own once more. Shoke, threatening Alastor to give him his brother back, realizes that Shoke doesn't know the truth and reveals to him that Krieg was the one who freed him, even letting Krieg admit this truth to Shoke. Shoke is, well, broken by this revelation. Alastor and Krieg, using the blood of a Demon and the Blood of Krieg, create a new body for Alastor... a Nephilim body. Alastor doesn't quite understand how the body works, so he decides to stick with Krieg as he assists in the full restoration of Alastor's power. Shoke battles his brother, ending in a draw with both sides having to retreat as the temple collapses from the fierce battle of the brothers.
Some side things that I didn't mention that are rather important.
Belial gains free will and becomes a recurring rival for Shoke.
Samael and the rest of the Ashen don't really die and just keep coming back.
Krieg sends the sword Galahad back to the Glaytors after the final battle.
Shoke makes himself his own sword.
Krieg becomes a General for the Solcrest clan.
Krieg and Alastor become housemates.
The Glaytor Clan has been guarding the Tomb of Alastor, an ancient ground in which a powerful Demon has been sealed away for thousands of years by the very clan who guard him now, the Glaytors.
It has been 5000 years, and the newest generation of warriors for the Glaytor Clan, including two brothers known as Shoke and Krieg. Shoke, the older brother, was at first considered lesser as he was not as good as his younger brother Krieg at combat and the mastery of magical elements and much much more. By the time Shoke had mastered one fighting style, Krieg had mastered three, two of which being unarmed and one being with sword combat. However, on Shoke's 20th birthday, Shoke learned he could flawlessly manipulate a power known as "Solid Light", a power that, when fully mastered, could control Light, Darkness, and Plasma. The clan was stunned, completely shocked beyond comprehension. They began treating referring to him as "the Prodigy" and "the Chosen One", as Krieg was shoved to the background and not even given the respect he deserved. While he loved his brother, Krieg secretly loathed him for stealing the attention of the clan away. He had mastered a style of magic referred to as the Black Flame, also called the power of Inferno. Flames that could come from any Shadows, almost as if from nowhere. Not just regular flames, but black flames. Over the next two years, Krieg's jealousy rose, despite Shoke not wanting to be this "Chosen One" that he was constantly referred to. It didn't matter though, as the damage was already done. On the day of Krieg's birthday, he went into the Tomb of Alastor and removed the blade that served as the Key to Alastor's prison within the Tomb, but not before saying one thing:
"Alastor! I, Krieg of the clan Glaytor, have come to free you from your eternal prison and offer you my body as a shell for you to hold as you regain your strength! And to prove my honesty, I remove the key to your prison! I remove the legendary blade Galahad, freeing your for all eternity!"
He removes the blade, a new dark leather sheath forming as he removes the blade from it's stone sheath. A dark mist erupts from the Tomb of Alastor, flooding out of the entrance, alerting everyone to what had happened. Shoke and the leader of the clan raced to the entrance of the Tomb of Alastor to see what had happened, but as they reached the entranced, they saw Krieg, dressed in a black and navy blue ensemble. At his waist, the blade Galahad. He smiled at his brother and the clan leader.
"It seems you overestimated your clan's loyalty, Scurrilous. Now I, Alastor, have finally been freed!" Alastor, having control over Krieg's body, turns into the black mist and flies off into the sky. Tears form in Shoke's eyes as he immediately chases after the dark mist, leaving the Clan's city and taking a plain Broadsword with him. He runs off into the woods, tears flowing down his face, infinite fury building within him. This Alastor stole his brother away from him... and he was going to get him back.
Needless to say, Shoke did not know of Krieg's hatred of him and still doesn't. And thus Shoke's story begins.
But this is more than just Shoke's story. There are two others who this story is about. Two more who will change the story immensley.
Names of the Various Forms of Ash Demons:
The Ash Demons formed by Alastor/Krieg: Sidonai
The Shin Ash Demons formed by Alastor/Krieg: Asmondeus
The Ash Archdemon formed by Alastor/Krieg: Samael
The Shin Ash Archdemon formed by Alastor/Krieg: Belial
Name: Shoke Kirk Loren Glaytor
Title: The Chosen One, The Prodigy Child, The Prophesized One, The Radiant Edge
Rank: 0th Class Warrior (Special Class Warrior/Angeal Descendant Class)
Family: Scurrilous Umari Glaytor (Father), Dana Kareen Solcrest (Mother), Two Unknown Sisters, Kriegara Peter Glaytor, Alastor (Half-Brother)
Rivals: Zerondol AKA Zero The Ultima, Kriegara AKA Krieg Glaytor, Alastor
Age: 22 Years
Fighting Styles: Radiant Edge, Dawn Edge, Eclipse Edge, Shin Radiance
Powers: Solid Light (Light Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Dark Manipulation)
Weapons: Broadsword, Light Constructs, Sword of Angeal
Quick Backstory:
Shoke was born into the Glaytor clan like many others, a clan dedicated to the defense of an ancient tomb that held a great demon away from the world. Like most children within the Glaytor Clan, he was not raised by his parents, but rather the schooling system, making Shoke have little connection to his father and mother, who both held positions of power within the clan, his father even becoming the leader of said clan. Over time he gained more and more siblings, but none of them were more impressive and important than Kriegara, or Krieg, who was so skilled at combat he became Shoke's rival AND superior despite being five years younger than him. The two were relatively strong rivals, Shoke loving his brother, being super thankful for his existence, as it gave him a reason to become better, to improve, to be more than who he was. However, on Shoke's 20th birthday, he learned of his inherited ability to control the power known as Solid Light, which not only gave him great power and skill without him needing to train, but basically made it so that the entire clan, who had mostly ignored Shoke and paid attention to Krieg up to this point, proclaim him as "the Chosen One" and the "Descendant of Angeal", which not only slightly annoyed Shoke, but also infuriated Krieg, as he had earned his skills whereas Shoke was just given them because of some stupid Prophecy. 2 years pass, and Krieg's annoyance becomes pure Hatred, albeit buried deep within him. Eventually, on Krieg's 17th birthday, 20 days before Shoke's 22nd birthday, he steals the legendary sword Galahad, frees and merges with Alastor, and runs off to assist in returning the demon to his true power. Shoke, this to have all been an accident, chases after Krieg and Alastor to try and stop them and free Krieg.
Character Bio: Belail
There are many things that can be said about the immense power of magic, but one of the greatest unspoken rules... be careful when you combine magics.
However, not all combinations are bad. Some can hold immense use. That is what Alastor and Krieg discovered when they combined the Shadow magic of the great Demon and the Black Fire of the Glaytor... which created something incredible.
An Ash Demon. It was weak, like a low skilled warrior, however it could be easily created and served their creator to it's death. So... Alastor began creating more of these beings, which Krieg named "Sidonai". Soon he began creating stronger ones, which Krieg named "Asmondeus". Finally Alastor created two final Ash Demons to lead the small army they forged, the first named "Samael", who was second in command, and the leader was known as "Belial".
Samael led the Sidonai and Asmondeus into battle against the one known as Shoke and any who would assist him, but Belial remained with Alastor/Krieg as a guardian, as a protector.
The Blade of Angeal
Ferros, The Blade of Angeal
-Badass Warrior
-Uses Two Single-Edged Curved Swords With Angel Wing Detailing On Both Sides Of Each
-Weilds Both Light And Shadow Magic
-Slightly Doubtful That The Order Will Replace Him

The Blade of Angeal, Order
-Searching for The Blade of Angeal, Weapon AKA Angel's Rapier
-Filled with many warriors.

The Blade of Angeal, the Sword
-A Rapier despite the fact Rapiers don't exist yet
-Can deflect ANY magic
Character Themes for
A Tale of Broken Swords (Name WIP)
Alastor (Pre-Fusion): The Colossus - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Krieg (Pre-Fusion): Sorrow's Distortion Cover - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Cover by Lacope0)
Shoke: Beginning / Vampire Killer Remix - Castlevania (Remix by GaMetal)
Alastor (Post-Fusion): Battle Theme Remix - Golden Sun (Remix by GaMetal)
Nocturne: Don't Be Afraid Remix - Final Fantasy VIII (Remix by GaMetal)
Krieg (Post-Fusion): Battle With Magus Remix - Chrono Trigger (Remix by GaMetal)
Zerondal: Meridian Dance Remix - Secret of Mana (Remix by GaMetal)
"Renault": Truth Behind The Project - Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
*Sigh* I rarely ever make these things, but I feel like I should probably mention this thing I've been feeling for a while now...
  • Listening to: Whatever I Damn Well Please
  • Reading: DeviantArt...?
  • Watching: Bronies React (I enjoy watching them SUFFER!)
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Water



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